Raise your hand if you spent the lockdown bingewatching Netflix and not being productive

30, flirty and thriving? More like 30, thirsty and surviving

Living in a society that places such a high premium on youth makes you dread the day you turn 30. Especially when you are bombarded with articles like The Invisibility of Older Women and TED talks like Why 30 is not the new 20. I don’t even know why the gift of living to have another year is making me sad when in the face of a pandemic where you see even people of all ages losing their lives, it would be a luxury to get more time. It was…

This review of related literature was originally written for a subject in my Masters in Digital Communication Leadership programme in February 2018 and is now being published online with a few minor revisions from my professor. I chose this topic because personal values vs. work was a huge subject of debate in a UX Philippines Facebook thread. I decided to make it public after hearing Mike Monteiro’s How to Build an Atomic Bomb talk at UX Copenhagen. This work is over 4000 words long and if you don’t feel like reading everything, I suggest reading Mule Design’s Code of Ethics.

Originally posted in two parts: Part 1 & Part 2
Summarized version published in
Adobo Magazine

World Design Summit 2017 in Montreal

Walking down and enjoying the many colorful murals of the lively Boulevard Saint Laurent, I couldn’t imagine a better city than Montreal to host the inaugural World Design Summit. The entire trip was serendipitous, playing host to several happy coincidences. Montreal, the UNESCO City of Design, was also celebrating its 375th birthday that year.

The World Design Summit was ambitious in its aims, involving six disciplines of design: architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, graphic design, interior design and industrial design. It aspired to bring…

Originally posted on November 27, 2017 at http://mika.design/Politics-of-AI

Sophia the Robot and Albert Einstein debate at Web Summit 2017

Will artificial intelligence¹ be the best or worst thing to ever happen in humanity? This overarching question was raised by Stephen Hawking, who opened Web Summit 2017, the largest tech conference in the world with almost 70,000 attendees. Over a thousand speakers in 25 sub-conferences would ponder over this theme whether their topic was directly about AI or not.

Most are convinced that AI will replace many workers since computers can already do a lot of tasks better than humans, such as complex processing of information with images. Sophia, the world’s first…

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