• Andrei Gonzales

    Andrei Gonzales

    Full Stack Service Design + Agile Innovation Capability Leadership

  • Joshua Cerbito

    Joshua Cerbito

    Web Developer. Street Photographer. Christian Apologist.

  • Nina


    Enjoys: 1) Strange travels 2) Film and TV 3) Free food 4) Witty one-liners. Strategy at @wearebrave.

  • Philip Cheang

    Philip Cheang

    I design + code things, and teach design + code. / co-founder @byimplication @sakayph @sarisoftware / faculty @ateneodemanilau / –– http://phi.ph

  • Cathy Gardino

    Cathy Gardino

  • Sophia Lucero

    Sophia Lucero

    prefers listening ⋆ design ⨉ code ⨉ words for a better web @stellify ⋆ co-founder @pwdo @ffcph ⋆ enthusiast

  • Ape on the Moon

    Ape on the Moon

    Alex and Phil tweet the very best in contemporary illustration, animation and the people who create it daily: http://apeonthemoon.com

  • Stephanie Sy

    Stephanie Sy

    Data Janitor, Coffee Drinker. Helping organizations solve problems using data since 2011.

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